EP18: Muddy Waters 的大声音(「为什么会有摇滚」系列之九)

战后芝加哥蓝调的代表人物 Muddy Waters 寻找属于自己的大声音的故事。


战后芝加哥蓝调的代表人物 Muddy Waters 寻找属于自己的大声音的故事。

  • 电吉他成为 R&B 的代表性乐器
  • 制作人如何影响我们听到的声音

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The Legendary Parkway Label

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Juke,Little Walter 作曲,Little Walter & His Night Cats 演奏,1952,Chess

Peggy Sue, Jerry Allison/Norman Petty/Buddy Holly 词曲,Buddy Holly and the Crickets 演奏,1958,Val Parnell’s Sunday Night at the London Palladium 现场录音

Dust My Broom, Robert Johnson/Elmore James 词曲, Elmore James/Sonny Boy Williamson II/Leonard Ware/Frock O'Dell 演奏, 1951, Trumpet

Mean Red Spider,Robert Lockwood Jr. 词曲,Muddy Waters/James "Sweet Lucy" Carter and his Orchestra 演奏,1946,Ballen Record

Hard Day Blues,Muddy Waters 词曲,Muddy Waters/James Clark/Ransom Knowling/Judge Riley 演奏,1946,当时未出版,Sony

I Be's Troubled,Muddy Waters 词曲/演奏,1941,Library of Congress

Little Anna Mae,Muddy Waters 词曲,Muddy Waters/Sunnyland Slim/Ernest "Big" Crawford 演奏,1948,Aristocrat

Katie Mae Blues,Lightnin' Hopkins 词曲,Lightnin' Hopkins/Wilson “Thunder” Smith 演奏,1947,Alladin

Ludella,Jimmy Rogers 词曲,Jimmy Rogers/Muddy Waters/Little Walter/Sunnyland Slim/Ernest "Big" Crawford/Leroy Foster 演奏,1950,Regal

Kidman Blues,Memphis Minnie 词曲,Memphis Minnie/Little Son Joe/Sunnyland Slim/Ernest "Big" Crawford/Leroy Foster 演奏,1950,Regal

I Can't Be Satisfied,Muddy Waters 词曲,Muddy Waters/Ernest "Big" Crawford 演奏,1948,Aristocrat

I Feel Like Going Home,Muddy Waters 词曲,Muddy Waters/Ernest "Big" Crawford 演奏,1948,Aristocrat

Rollin' Stone,Muddy Waters 词曲,Muddy Waters/Ernest "Big" Crawford 演奏,1950,Chess

My Foolish Heart,Ned Washington 词/Victor Young 曲,Gene Ammons And His Sextet 演奏,1950,Chess

Rollin' and Tumblin,Hambone Willie Newbern/Muddy Waters 词曲,Leroy Foster/Little Walter/Muddy Waters 演奏,1950,Parkway

Rollin' and Tumblin,Muddy Waters/Ernest "Big" Crawford 演奏,1950,Aristocrat

Still A Fool,Muddy Waters 词曲,Muddy Waters/Little Walter/Leonard Chess 演奏,1951,Chess

She Moves Me,Muddy Waters 词曲,Muddy Waters/Little Walter/Leonard Chess 演奏,1951,Chess

Rocket 88,Jackie Brenston/Ike Turner 词曲,Ike Turner and his Kings of Rhythm 演奏,1951,Chess

How Many More Years,Howlin' Wolf 词曲,Howlin' Wolf/Ike Turner/Willie Johnson/Willie Steele 演奏,1951,Chess

Mad Love (I Want You To Love Me),Muddy Waters 词曲,Muddy Waters/Jimmy Rogers/Little Walter/Otis Spann/Willie Dixon/Fred Below 演奏,1953,Chess

(I'm Your) Hoochie Coochie Man,Willie Dixon 词曲,Muddy Waters/Jimmy Rogers/Little Walter/Otis Spann/Willie Dixon/Fred Below 演奏,1954,Chess

(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction,Mick Jagger/Keith Richards 词曲,The Rolling Stones 演奏,1965,London/Decca


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